you may not get a second chance ...

to propose when she least expects it and fly your banner in public - this simple gesture has proven to be one of the most exciting ways to propose perfect for the woman who loves breathtaking experiences.

SO YOU WANNA GET MARRIED - make sure that she is the only woman in your life!

Give your heart some courage when you decided you'd like to spend the rest of your life with 'The One' - someone you love so much that you're willing to deal with all the surprises, whatever they may be.

It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it? Well, now comes the hard part, because she's been waiting all her life for this moment. She deserves an awesome moment, a proposal she remembers forever and not one she would rather forget, don't you think?

Romantic, fun and with a dash of your unique style, these marriage proposals are most likely to happen during a romantic dinner or picnic. Don’t forget to add something little that is 'you' – a love letter, choosing her favorite song, flowers, chocolates... It could be something small but meaningful, showing you have thought of her while pondering the best way to propose to her.


We have to think about everything to ensure that it's romantic enough for her!
It should be a place that will make both of you feel comfortable yet special and romantic. It could be anywhere you decide: a beautiful restaurant on the beach, a picnic in the country side, or at her home....


Finally, there is the issue of the element of surprise. This is the big one. Let's face it: Your proposal is supposed to be your crowning romantic achievement. You girlfriend should never see it coming! The timing is important. Well, it all comes down to one of two choices: "Occasions" and "Non-Occasions." Both have their merits. Let's take a look.together to check the best dates.

In the movies and our fantasies everything is possible, but we all live in the real world. Often it is the idea and it has not to be always expensive to create a unique marriage proposal for you.


Trust us! We can arrange and putting together an elaborate battle plan, with reservations, music, flowers, and all the preparations to make sure your unique marriage proposal consists of romance, humor, style, drama and glamor to be exciting and increasing the chances of your sweet beloved one to say the magic word: YES.

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